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What We Do ...

Utilizing world-class mechanical cad software solutions and visualization tools, CubicArt is well equipped to help your organization realize its product launch potential. Blending these state-of-the-art tools with real-world experience in key manufacturing sectors allows us to deliver design solutions that are innovative, elegant, and cost-effective.

From concept to commissioning, CubicArt is typically involved in every phase of the product development cycle. We employ a comprehensive suite of photo-realistic rendering and animation software that will breathe life into your ideas, and encourage enterprise-wide collaboration early in the design process. Concepts can be optimized for cost and performance using advanced analysis (FEA, thermal, etc.) tools and techniques. Finalized designs are fully modeled and detailed to exacting standards, resulting in a comprehensive documentation deliverable that clearly communicates build and inspection parameters.

CubicArt has developed strategic partnerships with exceptional manufacturing service providers within the metalworking and fabricating industry. Where appropriate, we can leverage these relationships and arrange for the manufacture of prototypes and production units, thereby providing a complete end-to-end design service.


Our services include:

  • Product design and value engineering
  • Reverse engineering
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Photo-realistic rendering and animation
  • Web publishing of interactive models
  • Product catalogues and technical manuals
  • Detailed drawings and BOM's
  • 2D to 3D and paper to CAD conversions
  • 3D CAD part libraries

Looking to improve your time-to-market performance? Consider CubicArt for all of your 3D CAD design contracting needs ...